Affinity Group for Volunteer Managers

This group is formed around a shared interest in volunteer program management. Volunteer managers over a brown bag lunch on the fourth Friday of the month at Friends in Deed (check calendar on this site for date of next affinity group).  The group engages in conversation about various topics related to volunteering.  The conversation typically is both fun and enlightening because the volunteer managers learn from and support each other, and develop a sense of community.  The managers have said they think they are learning about best practices through the conversations.  They value the ideas and advice.

If you are a volunteer manager or coordinator and are free on the fourth Friday at 11:30, please join us.  If you are involved in volunteering in some other capacity and would like to form an affinity group contact the Volunteer Clearinghouse (520-625-1150 ext. 108) and we will help you get started.