About Youth Programs

Youth volunteer opportunities address community needs and to inspire youth for a lifetime commitment to service.

Many organizations affiliated with the Volunteer Clearinghouse have programs that engage youth of various ages often in team-based, structured, diverse, flexible service-learning opportunities.

Each program looks a little different depending on the organization and the community needs to which they are responding.

If you are a youth, look through the various opportunities to find one that fits your interests, skills and time limitation.

If you represent an organization that has a youth program not listed, please contact us at 520-625-1150 ext. 108 or e-mail us at gvsvc@pcoa.org to get started.

We believe that youth volunteer opportunities should:

  1. Engage youth in service projects that are challenging, rewarding and educational.
  2. Serve the unmet needs of the community and its residents.
  3. Promote a lifetime ethic of service among youth.