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  • We are committed to providing the highest quality, patient-centered hospice services to our patients, and to assist them in achieving the highest quality of life possible during their final season of life.  Our qualified, trustworthy and compassionate personnel are committed to going above and beyond in their efforts to serve those in our care.  Volunteers serve as part of a trustworthy and compassionate team that collaborates for each patient and their loved ones.

    Listed below are some of the volunteer positions available:

    • Patient Visitors Volunteers-These volunteers provide companionship to patients and their families according to the volunteer’s convenience and availability. Volunteers read to patients, hold a hand, share stories, listen, play cards, help with letter writing, write patient stories, make a card for their loved one, and other helpful and friendlya ctivities.
    • Vigil Volunteers–These volunteers provide compassionate companionship during the final hours to days of the patient’s life; reeading to them, playing soft music, holding their hand or simply being present so the patient is not alone during their final journey. The goal of this program is to have volunteers present so that patients who have no family do not die alone.
    • Military Veteran Volunteers-These volunteers perform the same patient visits, but are paired with patients who themselves are veterans, thus facilitating a unique and important kinship between the Servicemember/veteran and the patient. Military/veteran volunteers are able to use their history and experience in the Armed Forces to add to the quality of life for our patients. Our veteran volunteers are a key part ofour “We Honor Veterans” program conducted in conjunction with the Veteran’s Administration. There are aspects to this program that allow for all levels of interest by our Veteran volunteers. This veteran-to-veteran program is a powerful way to connect and show gratitude for those who have served our military.
    • Music Volunteers–These volunteers play fro individual patients or in a group setting at an adult care facility, like a small concert. Music is a universal language and can brighten the patient’s day, comfor and relax, and bring back wonderful memories of long ago.
    • Administrative Volunteers–These volunteers assist with many different office tasks: making copies, doing paperwork and helping in whatever areas need support.
    • Craft and Creativity Volunteers–These volunteers make crafts for patients, crochet or knit patriotic blankets for our veterans and prayer shawls for patients and their families.

    To prepare for these important volunteer positions, Agape offers free fraining in all aspects of hospice and patient care and conducts several experiential exercises to help volunteers understand themselves better and how they might work with people who are facing end of life.

    Please contact us to learn more about our many volunteer opportunities.