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    Current opportunities

  • Animal Lovers!
  • The Animal League of Green Valley (TALGV) is a private, non-profit, no kill animal shelter serving the greater Green Valley area. Our mission is to find new homes for companion animals whose owners are unable to care for them because of illness or other necessary lifestyle changes that cannot include their pet. We also assist as many other animals in need as our facilities and resources will permit.

    We are currently caring for an average of 200 cats and dogs on a daily basis and are always looking for volunteers to help us give these animals more attention and affection. For information about our many interesting and fulfilling volunteer opportunities, please contact us by telephone at 520-625-3170 or visit us at 1600 W. Duval Mine Road. We are open every day of the week from 10 am to 2 pm.

    Our Volunteer Opportunities include:

    • Attic (onsite thrift store) Sales
    • Attic Sorting
    • Attic Security
    • Attic Merchandising
    • Attic Cashiers
    • Cat Socializing
    • Cat Cleaners
    • Community Events
    • Dog Walkers
    • Dog Socializing
    • Dog Cleaners
    • Clerical
    • Data Entry
    • Foster Care
    • Fundraising
    • Maintenance
    • Pickup/Delivery
    • Receptionist

    Please contact us to learn more about our volunteer opportunities.