Posada Life Community Services

Human Services

We can match your interests and skills to a variety of volunteer opportunities. At Casa, you’ll meet new people and strengthen your connections to the community as you provide needed assistance to our variety of programs.

Please contact us to schedule a facility visit and interview.

Victory Volunteers Program

A program of Casa Community Services by La Posada with the support of the United Way of Southern Arizona
This program offers a volunteer experience in a comfortable, social setting for people interested in giving back to the community–anyone who is willing to help–without making a big commitment.
Every Thursday at 10 am, volunteers gather at the Casa Community Center to pitch in and help complete a worthy project. Please join us–you will be helping a non-profit, school, or community service organization in the greater Green Valley area or clipping coupons for our troops and their families overseas. When finished, you can enjoy lunch at the Community Center or go on with your day, knowing that you helped make your community a better place?
Advanced registration is needed for planning purposes, so please contact: