Friends of Madera Canyon

Environment & Resource Management

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  • The purpose of our organization is to assist the US Forest Service in maintaining the ecological diversity of the Canyon through education for children and adults. Volunteering for the Friends gives you the personal satisfaction of making a difference in the long term preservation of a unique resource: Madera Canyon.  You are recognized among your peers as someone who cares and does something about protecting this natural ecosystem.

    Madera Canyon is nestled in the northern slopes of the Santa Rita Mountain range east of Green Valley and south of Tucson, Arizona. The flora along with the streams that carved out this canyon help to sustain the many bird, mammal, and insect species that breed and visit here. Visitors from all over the world arrive in search of such avian specialties as the Elegant Trogon, Elf Owl, Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher, and Painted Redstart. Over 230 species of birds have been recorded in the Canyon with 15 hummingbird species among them. Thousands of birders, hikers, photographers, artists, and those simply seeking a place to enjoy a picnic under the shade of a sycamore tree “next to the cool water of a creek” have fallen in love with Madera Canyon.

    Volunteer opportunities:

    • Serve as docents in the 4th grade School Nature Walks program.  Learn about the natural history of the canyon and encourage children to protect the canyon for the future.
    • Greet visitors to the canyon on weekends by working at the Visitor Information Station that welcomes visitors to the canyon.   Pass out literature, answer questions, and meet friendly people from all over the world.
    • Keep the canyon clean.   Help clean up the canyon on Monday mornings by removing any trash from around picnic tables and empty turned charcoal from grills used over the weekend.
    • Help older and disabled members of the community to enjoy the wonders of Madera Canyon.    Assist members with walkers and wheelchairs to navigate the paved Proctor Loop and explain what they are seeing. Sit and visit with them over a picnic lunch at Whitehouse.