Tucson Clean & Beautiful, Inc.

Environment & Resource Management

TCB is a non-profit environmental advocacy and action organization founded in 1985 to preserve and improve our environment, conserve natural resources, and enhance quality of life in the City of Tucson and eastern Pima County. These goals are achieved through educational and hands-on programs emphasizing personal action in recycling and waste reduction, land stewardship, urban forestry and beautification. Originally established to keep our community litter-free, TCB has grown to coordinate programs and projects with a diversity of partners including government agencies, community groups, businesses, and the support of thousands of volunteers. Programs are supported by grants, memberships, business and personal donations, in-kind donations of materials and services.

Tucson Clean & Beautiful programs provide ongoing and occasional one-time project opportunities for community groups with at least 5 participants. Neighborhoods, school and youth groups, religious organizations, civic clubs, business employees, and many other types of groups are welcome! If you are not already part of an organized group but have at least 5 interested volunteers, you can form a new volunteer group! Contact Tucson Clean & Beautiful staff to assist with your group project in one or more of the following project areas:

– Adopt-a-Park & Public Areas: volunteer litter cleanup interest form – (520) 837-6834 or adoptapark@tucsonaz.gov – ongoing projects also available once or twice a month!

– Trees for Tucson: tree planting and maintenance efforts – Katie Gannon, (520) 837-6833 or tft@treesfortucson.org

– Recycling Education: electronics collection events – Rebecca Quintero, (520) 791-5000 or recycle@tucsonaz.gov


If you are interested in volunteering and are not already part of an established group, you can also join one of the many ongoing community projects which are often accepting new volunteers. Below is a partial list of groups that periodically accept additional community volunteers. NOTE: As of 2015, Tucson Clean & Beautiful staff do not coordinate court-ordered community service opportunities for individuals.

Please contact the groups listed below for more details, including schedules, requirements, and how to sign up for their volunteer events:


– Please check our website for a list of projects across the Tucson area

Green Valley:

– Green Valley Recreation: I-19 and frontage road cleanup, and other periodic volunteer opportunities.  Contact: Melanie Stephenson, melanie@gvrec.org


-AZ Trees Please: Gabriel Davila, (520) 603-9014 or gpduofa@gmail.com– This organization has many sites all across Tucson, and are very active, and eager to make Tucson a safer cleaner place for all to enjoy. The group is always looking for more volunteers, and may be able to accommodate your busy schedule!

– The 10th Annual Beat Back Buffelgrass Day is coming up on January 21, 2017. We are looking both for project sites with interested group leaders, and individual volunteers to join projects in the area. Some additional supplies available in advance of the project day. Call (520) 837-6832 or email buffelgrass@tucsoncleanandbeautiful.org for assistance.