Our volunteer driven community

Green Valley/Sahuarita is a volunteer-driven area.

In Sahuarita, from the Town Hall to Parks and Recreation, from the Sahuarita Unified Schools to Volunteer in Police Service, young and old, individuals and families find volunteer opportunities that fit their interests, availability and values.

In Green Valley, from the Council to Green Valley Recreation, from Continental Schools to Valley Assistance Services, from the Green Valley Fire Corps to Friends in Deed and more than ninety other organizations, residents find opportunities to learn, lead and serve.

The Green Valley Community Plan: Road Map to 2025 states that Green Valley is a volunteer-driven community and that volunteer activities and organizations will remain a crucial element of services provided for residents.

It goes on to say that Green Valley’s more than 100 volunteer organizations contribute significantly to many of the community’s accomplishments, improving the lives of all residents.

Furthermore, volunteers help others, while they, themselves, gain a sense of satisfaction that does not come automatically with a paycheck. Volunteering provides a means to personal recognition, although more recognition of volunteers’ contributions is needed. And the best advertising for new volunteers is happy, successful volunteers.

It encourages residents to embrace volunteerism as an essential and unique aspect of life in Green Valley and to volunteer enthusiastically and with dedication.